Getting You Finance Ready!

Our staff ready to help you get approved

Here at Nationwide Credit Experts, most of our staff came from the real estate industry. We thrive every day to get our clients approved for a home. Our principals have over 15 years of experience and just as much expertise in the real estate industry. The majority of our files come from the major lending institutions so we must know the underwriting guidelines.

When you become a client of ours, we will start helping in retrieving documents for the processing of your mortgage, when credit worthy. This way when we hand you back or refer you to a mortgage professional, your file will be ready to go! Some of the documents in which we will request are:

→ Last two year tax returns
→ Last 2 years w-2’s
→ Profit & Loss statement (if self-employed)
→ Last 3 month bank statements
→ Last 30 day paystubs
→ And more, if needed

Not all clients are in need or are looking to purchase a home, and that is what we are able to help our clients with other types of financing. This can be any of the below, and more:

→ Credit Cards 
→ Personal Loans
→ Auto Financing
→ Boat Financing
→ Motorcycle Financing
→ Business Loans
→ And many more….