How We Turned Devastation

Into a Second Chance

The Story of Our Client, Mary…


If you are sick of the phone calls, letters, denials, and embarrassment of your credit situation and are ready for a solution then keep reading.


We have helped THOUSANDS of clients just like you and we would be happy to talk with you about how we can help, but first keep reading to make sure you are ready for what this entails. 


This Could Be You…

A single mom (for privacy’s sake we will call her Mary) raising two kids after a recent tragedy woke up to realize that she needed to move.


It had only been 6 months since the tragic loss of her husband in a horrific accident and the lingering reminder of him being in their home was haunting her. 


Even though she made great money and had a stable job, unexpected bills started rolling in. Her recently passed husband’s creditors started coming after her, and trying to deal with her grief on top of the loss was traumatizing. 


Mary came to us after trying to get approved for a new home. Her scores had tanked from the mid 700’s down to the low 500’s in a matter of 6 months.


Most of the debts being reported were from her recently deceased husband, and her phone would not stop ringing! 


Nationwide to the Rescue

After sitting down with Mary, we came up with a plan to help her improve her credit to help her get approved for her new home.


This wasn’t a normal deal for us…we connected, and even shed a few tears while hearing her story.


It gripped us and changed the paradigm of our office. We were determined to help Mary and so we went to work.



It Only Took 2 Weeks to Get EVERYTHING Resolved…

(…but that’s not what happened)

Actually Mary was with us for about 7 grueling months. We fought tooth and nail for her, disputing the accounts that were her husband’s, sending documents and proof of his passing, making phone calls, contacting attorneys… EVERYTHING we could do to help Mary through this season of her life.


And then it happened…

Not Quite as Good… but TONS Better!

As hard as we fought to get Mary’s scores back in the 700’s it didn’t happen – but we did change her life!


SHE GOT APPROVED AND BOUGHT HER NEW HOME! This woman who was living in a home that was a constant reminder of the tragic loss of her partner now had a chance to move on with her life.


In just 7 months we were able to turn Mary’s situation around and help her get into a new home. 


It Wasn’t All Roses

Mary, like a lot of our clients, went through the ups and downs of overcoming her obstacles.


Like the excitment when items were deleted from her report, or the disappointment when her scores didn’t go up as much as we had hoped.


It was a struggle, and everyday she was having to re-live the pain of the tragedy of losing her husband. There were some extreme lows and extreme highs during the process. 

It is Time for Your Second Chance!

The Complete Credit Overhaul

Our experience with Mary birthed something profound in the culture of how we were helping clients.


We were always good at helping clients repair their credit reports, but this undertaking gave us a new purpose and drive.


It caused us to really examine how we were helping people and to take a deeper look at how to better help our clients.


From that experience we redefined our goals to help remove inaccuracies, settle outstanding debts, consolidate student loans, establish credit, resolve tax issues, and educate our clients. 


The value we have found in doing this has been tremendous; not just for our clients – but for us too!


We love helping our clients to save money and to really resolve their financial issues.


It has helped us move from being just a Credit Repair company to being a real solution.


It has been the most fulfilling aspect of our business and has made a lot of very happy clients! 

“My wife and I used to have a business and failed to keep up on our taxes. We contacted Nationwide Credit Experts to find out our options. We didn’t know how to get approved to refinance for our home. Needless to say, they gave us a free consultation and walked us through what they were able to do. They helped us with other areas in our credit that we didn’t even know were there. Thanks!”

James - Elmwood Park, IL

Understanding the “Why” Behind the Process

You may ask yourself, “Does it really take all that?”  I mean, I hear people talk about removing items from credit reports all the time.

The truth is that Credit Repair alone is just a small part of the process in fully overhauling your credit and here’s why…


Credit Repair is Just the First Step

Ok, so to be completely honest with you, we have found that credit repair is really only the first step in resolving your credit issues. 


While you can improve your credit scores and qualify for financing a home, it doesn’t always fix the real issues behind your situation. You can find out more about that here! 


Credit Repair is vitally important in the process. So is investigating the items that are holding back your scores and determing what derogatory debts need to be addressed. 




What this means for you is that even though an item gets removed from your credit report, the actual debt or issue may still be very much there.

This means a collection that gets deleted from your credit report can show back up, or a charged off account can still sue  you, and judgment can still garnish your wages. 

Credit Repair just focuses on what is reporting on your credit REPORT, but it doesn’t always address the actual account and debt that needs to be resolved. 

Now Don’t Get me Wrong…

I am not saying that Credit Repair is bad; it is the cornerstone of our Credit Overhaul process and has tremendous value. However, it is not the “end all, be all.”

Credit Repair should fix inaccuracies and errors on your credit report. It should also uncover the accounts that are Accurate and Verifiable that need to be moved to the next step. 

Establishing Positive Credit

During the credit repair process we HIGHLY recommend that you establish new, positive credit.  

There are several reasons for this. Such as improving the ratio of Positive to Negative accounts reporting, a New Positive payment history, improving your Debt Ratios, and much more. 

We have several resources to help you through this process and will gladly help you determine the steps you need to take! 

Settling Your Outstanding Debts

After the Credit Repair process has uncovered what you actually owe (and where), we will work to negotiate and settle these debts. 

The reason for is that a debt that has not been settled can come back and bite you. This is the way to truly resolve your financial issues.

We will work with you on a budget and set goals for your settlements. We want to help you reach your goals without hurting your budget. 

Cleaning The Remaining Issues

Now that we have gotten your credit report correct and accurate, achieved positive credit reporting for you, and your debts are settled, it’s time to graduate our services and start focusing on saving money. This can include:

Consolidating Student Loans

Consolidating Credit Cards

Refinancing Your Car

Refinancing Your Home

Lowering Your Insurance Premiums

And much more…

Here is where you start actually MAKING money from our services. 

“When I first started with you guys, I was in so much debt with my student loans. I didn’t know how I was ever going to be able to pay them off! I went through your free credit analysis and consultation. I was so relieved. You didn’t only take my debt way down but you also removed all of those bad accounts on my credit. I didn’t even know they were there. :o) By the way my sister and brother in law are coming your way!”

Rachel S. – West Palm Beach, FL.

It’s Your Time Now!

Whether you completely relate to Mary or just know that you need a change in your credit and finances, it is time to let professionals help you. Waiting isn’t going to help… In fact, it can make it worse for you! 

So what is holding you back?

Is it money? Our prices are incredibly affordable and most of our clients recover the cost of our services within 4 months after graduating!

Is it that you are afraid of not getting results? Our No-Risk guarantee ensures that you are ONLY paying for the results you are getting!

Is it procrastion? Well, we don’t really have anything to help you with that… But come on, you know better than that! 

How About This?

If you think that you may need help, just click the button below and we will talk. There is no pressure, no obligation, no cost. We just want to see if we can help you! If you aren’t convinced that Nationwide Credit Experts is the right choice for you after that, then at least you have started taking the steps you need to get your credit back on track. 

Let’s Talk About It!