Craig has been nothing short of amazing during this entire process. He was very informative, easy to get in contact with and worked really hard to get us where we need to be! I will definitely be recommending him to our friends and family!


I've had an amazing experience with Nationwide Credit Experts! In a few months my score is up and I have a better understanding of how to maintain a good credit score. Navigating Student Loan repayment can be confusing but I got the help I needed to consolidate my loans and get them back in good standing. They were always just a text or call away and promptly assisted with any questions or concerns I had. Highly recommend this service!


This company is exactly what they say they are experts. Trust them to help you with your credit needs you won't regret it.

Pascha N.

Great people and service. They provide a lot of advice and guidance how to improve your credit. Highly Recommended!

Edward A.

Nation wide credit experts walked me through the entire process of cleaning up my credit,was there at any day and time to answer any questions or concerns that I may have had.I was led into the right direction as to getting my credit score up.I would strongly recommend Nation wide credit experts.

Cherelle J.

Craig has been doing credit repair for 17+ yrs and unlike many companies out there that are in it for the money he is there to make people's dreams come true as well. He is always available to answer questions. He is very knowledgeable about all the laws and procedures that need to be followed.

Nicole H.

He is totally awesome at his job, he is the best. One of the things I love is that he is there every step of the way.

Sherry S.

My husband and I have always wanted to buy a house of our own. Now we are one step closer to our dream thanks to Craig from Nationwide Credit Experts!

Kira G.

Impressed with service provided, always available! Quick responses to questions, text, calls or emails and our scores keep getting better by the day.

Jacob G.

The only company I Refer my clients to - Mike Scalise (Academy Mortgage Corp)

Mike S.

Craig is AMAZING! As a Realtor, I'm approached by tons of folks looking to realize the dream of home ownership, and often times their credit falls short. I've seen him transform someone whose credit appeared hopeless, and make it possible- on NUMEROUS occasions!

Lindsay C.

Dannie and I would like to give a big Thank You to Craig Rice with Nation Wide Credit Experts! He has helped us out tremdonsly with fixing our credit and soon we will be able to buy our own home! It definitely means a lot to us and we recommend anyone that needs a lil' assist with their credit!! We're so excited to be able to raise our kids in a place they truly call home forever!


South Beloit, IL.

OMG, thank you! I got my approval today!!! I was skeptical but you walked me through how credit works, what to do and what not to do. I was just going through my credit monitoring account and the first month you guys put me up 116 points with all three of the credit bureaus. Each month I went one way, up. Thanks Nationwide!


San Marcos, CA.

When I first started with you guys, I was in so much debt with my student loans. I didn't know how I was ever going to be able to pay them off! I went through your free credit analysis and consultation. I was so relieved. You didn't only take my debt way down but you also removed all of those bad accounts on my credit. I didn't even know they were there. :o) By the way, my sister and brother in law are coming your way!

Rachel S.

West Palm Beach, FL.

I have been involved with Nationwide Credit Experts for about four months or so and have improved my credit tremendously! I was able to get my family into a much nicer area and better school for my boys because of them. No more worrying every day while I'm at work. Thanks Craig!

Daniel H.

Chicago, IL.

Where you have you been all my life??? I have been trying to fix my credit forever and move closer to my family in FL, and now I'm in a great area - Tampa. I love this place, and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Nationwide Credit Experts! I owe you!


Tampa, FL.

My wife and I used to have a business and failed to keep up on our taxes. We contacted Nationwide Credit Experts to find out our options. We didn't know how to get approved to refinance our home. Needless to say, they gave us a free consultation and walked us through what they were able to do. They also helped us with other areas in our credit that we didn't even know were there. Thanks


Elmwood Park, IL.

He is the guy that delivers as promised the credit score that is needed to get people approved. Love that he always gets right back to clients, and answers all questions. He gets the job done THE RIGHT WAY.

Rachel H.

Chicago, IL.

I am a Branch Manager w/Integra Mortgage Corp. I have used many credit repair companies in the past. They would simply work to delete accounts and that is it. NCE did more than that. They would delete accounts, but also build my clients new tradelines. They have their own technique. The owners of this company are by far the new generation of credit repair. They stay in contact, let me know the day my client is able to be approved. I couldn't be happier.

Integra Mortgage Corp.